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Desi was first sent to a home in Minnesota, the placement didn't work out and so we got him back. A couple saw him on the breeder's referral list and inquired about him. They come to visit. It turned out that the woman had MS and was in a wheelchair. They instantly fell in love with him (who wouldn't) Told of the problems in the first placement, the man was undeterred. We said them to go home and think it over, if they still wanted him we would deliver him, so that it wouldn't be like he was kidnapped (his is mind). We took a trip the following weekend and stayed several hours. It was apparent that Mark, had a lot of patience - needed for this still a puppy. Within a few weeks, Mark informed us that Desi was no longer trying to steal off the counter tops. He respected the bounderies of not jumping on the bed, or into the wheelchair and soon became a fit companion for Mark's wife as she was home. Marks wife passed a couple of years after Desi arrived and he became Mark's close friend. They continued to take their normal after work walk when desi stopped to play with a german shepard. Soon, Desi would no pass the shepard's house until it and the owner came out. A short time later, the shepard's owner and Mark stared dating and finally were engaged. It is said that every dog has a mission, Desi was a invalid's companion, a widower's friend and a matchmaker.


Desmond's Pedigree


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